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Meet Your Therapist

Hey there! I am so proud of you for taking this step to your healing journey!

My name is Dana Cila, the CEO of Healing Convos. I am a Licensed Clinical Therapist who is passionate about helping you become the best version of yourself. As a millennial, I understand the challenges we face with everyday life and I myself am working on my healing journey!

I created Healing Convos so that Millennials, specifically millennials of color, can have a safe space to heal, learn to set boundaries and grow.

I genuinely enjoy getting to know people for who they are. I believe we should not be held back by our past experiences or current circumstances.

I am passionate about helping millennials identify, develop, and utilize the strengths that they already possess to aid in reaching their goals of improving their mental health.

My therapeutic approach is SOLUTION FOCUSED, so I help clients come up with workable solutions to present problems and future goals.

My clients have often described me as authentic, personable and non-judgmental.

Once again, welcome to Healing Convos and I can’t wait for us to embark on your healing journey!

About HCC

Healing Convos is a private therapy practice that works with Millennials who want to become their best selves. That can look different for everyone, but it can happen when you have the support that you need to stop anxious thoughts, move through your depression, set healthy boundaries and/or work through your traumatic experiences.

My clients often find themselves feeling more confident, more content, better able to manage stress and the unknown, with improved decision-making skills, a clearer sense of self, and more joy in their life.

I want to help you become the best version of yourself! I understand life can be hard at times, so let me help you clarify your goals, find what is holding you back, and get you moving forward.

I am currently only providing services virtually in the state of Florida.


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